Focus on client experience and attention to detail
are our guiding principles.

“Close is good enough” has become an industry standard, and this is not our working philosophy.

General Contractor and owner Slavo will help guide you through the process, from conception to completion, bringing your dream project to life.

In his 19+ experience, he is well-equipped to execute all kinds of custom projects remodelling and repairs with special emphasis placed on thorough project planning and design, cleanliness and efficiency on the job site, and ultimate respect for the client, their needs and budget.

Many contractors will not care about the wellbeing of their clients when executing their projects. Having small children, pets or allergies?

We are proud to invest significantly in the health and comfort of our clients by utilizing the German engineered Festool system which features advanced dust extraction and HEPA filration, allowing us to perform virtually dust-free work wherever we go and achieve European standards for air quality and energy efficiency. This costly technology is embraced by precious few of our competitors, and pays priceless dividends in the wellbeing of our clients, especially those sensitive to airborne dust and contaminants commonly associated with construction work.

So when imagining your next project, hope you will consider having a trusted partner in realizing your vision.

We continue to prove what sets us apart: that we care.



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